Dear student, At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, you are invited to belong to our community, challenged to grow as a student and then encouraged to go forward to live a meaningful life.

Today we find The Woods continually evolving, adding new programs almost every year. In the past few years, we’ve added new facilities and upgraded many of our beautiful historic buildings. You will be instructed by scholars who love to teach and care about you as an individual. Our campus program is experiencing its largest class in history. The secret is out. The Woods’ uncompromising commitment to helping students achieve success is refreshing and bold and as relevant today as 183 years ago. You will become a member of a community grounded in faith and tradition. Our Catholic founding guides our values, but this is a spiritual place, welcome to all. While we hope the following pages give you a sense of the spirit and place of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, it simply cannot do justice to an in person tour. The images are beautiful, but there is nothing as impactful as your first view of The Avenue. We invite you to come see for yourself. Should you choose The Woods for your college home, you will graduate prepared to work, lead and serve. And The Woods will always welcome you home.

Brennan J. Randolph, MBA



On the following pages you’ll get to know us a bit. See big smiling faces, learn about our majors and get a sneak peek into The Woods’ life. We’d love to get to know you! Schedule a visit – virtual or live – chat with a counselor or just jump online and dig even deeper into this amazing place. (We know we’re biased.) Fan Pages...............................................................................................................................................................................3 Inclusive Culture. ..................................................................................................................................................................4 Woods Core. ..........................................................................................................................................................................7 Explore Academic Departments................................................................................................................................. 8-16 Living on Campus..........................................................................................................................................................18-19 Our Founding......................................................................................................................................................................20 Admission Process............................................................................................................................................................. 21 Paying for College............................................................................................................................................................. 22 Athletics...........................................................................................................................................................................28-31 Clubs & Student Life......................................................................................................................................................... 33 Woods Traditions............................................................................................................................................................... 34 HIGHLIGHTS


The Woods – it’s not just a name here. Our 311-acre campus is filled with beautiful old trees, wildflowers, a lake, horse barn and organic farms. Our neighbors, The Sisters of Providence, also keep a herd of friendly alpacas that you can visit. It’s college life, but better. “This place” has a serene peacefulness you can’t experience anywhere else. You owe it to yourself to come see it in person.

This book represents a small piece of the information available on our website We invite you to explore more online.


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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

We focus on the teaching. People notice.

SMWC is consistently recognized by US News and World Report as one of the Top Regional Universities in the Midwest as well as top ranking in Best Value Schools . Yep. A private school education that’s affordable. We’ve got more fancy rankings, check them out online at Our goal is you, not the lists. But the lists are nice.





Our legacy of inclusion began with our foundress, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, a French immigrant who understood the value of belonging. She embraced the opportunity to teach girls at a time when only boys received an education. Then, in the 60s, we saw young mothers drop out of college to focus on their families and created our distance program that morphed into today’s online program. That program has made college flexible and possible for thousands of students. The culture of educating through inclusion continues today through connections and conversations with campus groups and programs.

“What brought me to The Woods was that special connection to the faculty. They made sure to let me know that they wanted me here. I really like the family connection that I have with the faculty here.”

“I quickly realized that everyone here was so willing to help me succeed and wanted me to succeed. Not only the faculty but also my peers. I’ve never been in a place where the students weren’t competing against each other, but just wanting everyone to do their best.”

8 4

“We are all united under one true blue flag!”





“It just instantly felt like home. It’s truly different than any other college I toured or visited or was admitted to. I’ve met people from across the country, from across the world, all brought here by the same thing, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin and our beautiful College. There are just these invisible strings that all tie back to The Woods and the people you meet here.”

“I had that avenue moment when I was about 10 years old and I knew I wanted to come here. Being in the SMTG (Saint Mother Theodore Guerin) Scholarship cohort and my Exercise Science cohort they are both really supportive and we’re always making sure that everyone is accounted for and getting the education that they need.”

“I just thought. Okay, I’m going to go there. It’s just meant to be. I think I will always associate personal growth with this school because I’ve gone through so much of it while I’ve been here.”













WOODS CORE “... in order to attain the perfection to which you are called, a solid foundation is required.” — Saint Mother Theodore Guerin










a l



t i


e s s e n

o u l

s t


O u r g


e n e


g t



n i

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u c


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s t

c l


l y


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g r i

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CORE from the French word “coeur” for heart

f o u r w o r l

r b e i

t y

a f o u


n d



a t i

o f

o n

e r

n t


t o

C e


y o u


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C o r e b

e r


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What’s Included? You’ll kick off the Woods Core learning about our community and approach to education. From there you’ll explore human communication, writing, world history, literature, philosophy and spirituality. You’ll include choices in math, social science, fine arts, culture and natural science. And finally, for your capstone course, you will choose between courses in social justice, sustainability and global women’s leadership – the values central to our College’s ethos.


WE SET THE BAR HIGH FOR YOU Our professors challenge you to think critically through a student-centered innovation approach, balancing in-class instruction with real-world experiences. Our small classes are designed to engage, enlighten and inspire you to seek meaning and purpose along your way.

Beginning your freshman year, you’ll be assigned to a Professional Advisor. Your advisor will get to know you, your strengths and your weaknesses. They’ll help you map out a four-year graduation plan and they stick with you for your time at The Woods to be sure you stay on track. Your go-to, make-it happen, success-is-yours personal academic trainer.

Criminology majors participate in mock crime scenes and have demonstrations from local police departments.

Nursing majors train at the Rural Health Innovation Collaborative (RHIC) simulation center as well as the nursing lab on campus.

Our new equine pre-vet program ofers a unique experiential component with breeding management.

Kinesiology students may choose from three concentrations: exercise science, health science or recreation science.



ARTS AND LETTERS The Department of Arts and Letters is a hub for creative life. We aim to stimulate and support your growth as an artist as well as expand your mind and expression. Guided by distinguished faculty, we bring you venues for artistic expression and experiential learning opportunities to hone your technical skills and assist in the discovery of your creative voice.

“The art and education departments instilled in me the values of creativity, compassion and dedication, which became my guiding principles. After a 14-year career as an elementary art teacher, I was called to advocate and support other art rooms and educators. With this purpose in mind, I joined the fundraising company Art to Remember, where I make an impact and contribute to building art budgets for art classrooms nationwide. SMWC’s nurturing environment and exceptional education prepared me for my career as an art teacher and empowered me to be a leader in my field.”

Holly Uselman Brimberry ‘08, Program Coordinator, Art to Remember

Throughout the year, our students share their work in a variety of venues. They work and train with talented artists — musicians, designers, dancers, actors and entertainers — to produce art exhibits; paintings and drawings; plays and musicals; recitals and choir concerts; a literary magazine; poetry readings; cultural events and more!

Possible Career Paths:

A career field based in creativity doesn’t have to be fine arts. In a world of AI powered content, true creativity will always persevere. Combine design with psychology and delve into design thinking. Combine writing with almost any field to enhance your skill-set through blogging, content creation, or customer education.

• Art Director • Art Teacher • Illustrator

• Public Relations/Communications • Advertising • Video Journalist

“Our small class sizes profoundly affect our art and letters students because they get personal feedback on their work. We see a lot of students in our department double or triple major with majors both in our department and outside of it. We know that adding written or graphic communications skills to almost any major creates added value for future employers. The power of storytelling that comes from an Arts and Letters degree has become a valued soft skill in almost every career and field.”

Our students work together to create the Aurora magazine each year. It’s like a capstone-style project, but they get to start working on it yearly. They bring together art, graphic design and writing to create a beautiful magazine.

Rebecca Andrews, MFA Department Chair

and Professor of Graphic Design


BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP The Department of Business and Leadership encompasses a broad number of business offerings. Sharpen your business skills and technological expertise through hands-on learning at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. As a business major, you will build on the Woods Core (Pg. 9), develop critical thinking, communication and leadership skills, learn cutting edge technology and gain a strong business foundation in a small, collaborative classroom environment.

Leadership is a golden thread that aligns with our institutional values. Leadership applies to any field and a leadership minor can be added to any major at whatever level you want to lead – a minor, masters or Ph.D.

Possible Career Paths: Regardless of your passions, a business degree can help. The ability to make a living or be a #soloprenuer from your passions = independence. Even if you choose a different major, adding a minor in business will give you the fundamentals you’ll

need throughout your career. • Personal Financial Advisor • Advertising • Digital Marketing • Healthcare Administrator • Director of Human Resources

• Marketing Research • Logistics Manager • Procurement Manager • Entrepreneur • Supply Chain Manager

— Meredith Williams, MBA Assistant Professor of Business

“The Business and Leadership faculty all have industry experience. We have lived, practiced AND studied in our fields of expertise. Small classrooms are the feature, but the reality is having a personal connection with people leading you through the education journey. Not just in front of you, but beside you. You develop a trust with the faculty that goes beyond the classroom. My favorite class to teach is business law. I had a student who was a federal worker and told me they were the first person in their area to pass the test on contract law the first time. They said, ‘Your class got me my first promotion!’”

Meredith Williams, MBA Assistant Professor of Business


EDUCATION Our education program has a long history at The Woods. In fact, our foundress, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, even said, “Love the children first, then teach them.” At The Woods you’ll get classroom experience long before your student teaching. We want to be sure this is the right path for you. You’ll have a close relationship with faculty throughout your time at The Woods.

“My time at The Woods was nothing short of amazing! The passionate professors, close-knit community and hands-on experiences prepared me for my future career in education. I have always had a passion for teaching and my professors at The Woods helped me learn how to think critically and find creative solutions to everyday problems. My favorite part about The Woods is that they get you into the classroom your freshman year. You are constantly learning from current educators and fine tuning your personal teaching style.”

Emma Taylor ‘21 2nd Grade Teacher, Ouabache Elementary School

Possible Career Paths:

Education is in hot demand. And many students feel called to teach. And literally no other field exists without a teacher

Certainly, teaching is an obvious outcome of an education degree. But combine it with human resources and you could be an organizational trainer. Combine education with exercise science to be a coach. How about adding education to an art/music/ equine therapy degree to run group therapy sessions? An education degree helps you take your interests and turn them into a career that prepares you share your passion with the world.

first stoking that love. What other path can say that?

• Preschool-Grade 3 Teacher • Kindergarten - Grade 6 Teacher • Special Education Teacher

• Organizational Trainer • Coach • Tutor

“The SMWC Education Department offers multiple dual-licensure programs that allow students to follow their desired path of study and passion. Our department gives students the opportunity to learn from classically trained educators in small classroom communities. Our faculty strives to create a close-knit community where students feel comfortable, safe and included in the learning process.”

Darcey Hazlett, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Education


EQUINE If you feel a special connection to horses, turn your calling into a career with Saint Mary-of the-Woods College. Whether you want to compete in English or Western riding, work on a breeding or training farm, study the physiology of large animals or go to veterinary school, you’ll get a chance to do it all at The Woods. Students experienced in horses and farms will expand and refine their skills. Students needing more experience will develop it through hands-on learning. Both groups will come out of the program

Possible Career Paths:

“As one of the few equine programs with facilities on campus, students stop in all the time and brush their horse and spend time with them. It’s therapeutic and relaxing. Both the horses and the students benefit from the proximity.” —Professor Ed Ferguson, Ph.D.

“Many students think they can just go straight to a farm and start working, but if they have an equine science or pre-vet degree, they will qualify for any agriculture job requiring a bachelor’s. It will start them at a higher level. Many students will go on to study veterinary medicine as well. Regardless of their path, they are prepared.” —Professor Ed Ferguson

• Breeding Manager • Barn/Stable Owner • Horse Trainer • Horse Show Manager • Rodeo Crew Member

• Horse Care Technician • Course Designer • Exercise Rider • Riding Coach • Transportation Specialist

Growing up on a racehorse farm, Professor Ferguson was immersed in equine culture from a young age. Now, as a professor, he brings that depth of knowledge and his passion for horse and large animal reproductive physiology (i.e., breeding) to Woods students. “Very few undergraduate schools offer the hands-on work we do. You will get a lot of time with the horses with our programs. Our barn is run by the students. Our internships place students with high-level breeders and trainers because they know our students are prepared.”

Ed Ferguson, Ph.D. Department Chair and Associate Professor


MUSIC & THEATRE Music at The Woods seamlessly integrates grand physical spaces with engaging online platforms, offering students an innovative hybrid experience. As they embark on their musical journey, our vibrant culture extends beyond physical classrooms, with the language of music fluently spoken in both the grand halls of historic buildings throughout campus including the Conservatory of Music to immersive online environments. Our dedicated faculty, practitioners in their own right, actively contribute to the music and music therapy world, ensuring expertise resonates in both physical and virtual realms.

With an innovative hybrid format, students are invited to explore an environment fostering creativity, excellence, and a lifelong love for making music. Welcome to a place where your musical journey becomes a symphony of possibilities, harmonizing the grand and the digital in perfect cadence.

Possible Career Paths:

Music therapists are like counselors in that they are generalists; they must be prepared to work in varied settings and with diverse therapeutic needs. If you feel called to use your gift of music to help with mental and physical healing, music and music therapy will open the door to that and many other career paths.

• Musician • Song writer • Music Therapist • Military Band Member

• Symphony Orchestra Member • Music Library Manager • Performer • Music Teacher

“Employers tell us our students are better prepared than students that go through larger programs because we work with the student on an individual level to be sure they have the skills they need to thrive. Right away, in their first year, our music therapy program students are placed in a hospital environment. They will also experience a special needs student environment and a hospice situation. By the time they do their internship, they will have experienced six or seven semesters of hands-on learning in real environments.”

Tracy Richardson, Ph.D., MT-BC Dean, Division of Arts and Social Sciences


NURSING As a nursing student at The Woods, you will be prepared to assume a role in professional nursing or advance to graduate education. As healthcare changes, you will be ready to integrate technology, utilize data, apply evidence based findings, communicate and collaborate effectively and creatively plan solutions for the best patient outcomes. The SMWC nursing program is accredited by the Indiana State Board of Nursing, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing

Education and the regional Higher Learning Commission.

The SMWC Bachelor of Science Nursing class of 2023 earned a 100% NCLEX-RN first-attempt pass rate. 100%

Possible Career Paths:

The nursing department faculty at SMWC bring their real-world experience to the classroom and clinical teaching to help you learn how to deliver compassionate care. Graduates of our nursing program are prepared when they go into the healthcare world.

• Health Department Nurse • Occupational Health Nurse • Insurance Adjuster • School Nurse

• Red Cross Nurse • Surgery Nurse • Flight Nurse • Nurse Educator

SMWC is ranked as one of the Best Nursing Schools in Indiana. Check out all of our rankings.

“We tailor learning to what works best for students. We develop leadership and collaboration through active class participation. Quiet students find their voice and strong students take time to truly listen and respect diverse views. The combination of Nursing with a liberal arts foundation creates a well-rounded graduate. Faculty will highlight your strengths and our small class sizes ensure you have the attention you need to succeed.”

Marcia Miller, Ph.D., RN Dean, Division of Nursing and Sciences


SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Whether you are research and graduate studies bound (hello, Doctor!) or looking for a career that applies science and math to the world’s problems, the academic rigor of our programs will see you well prepared. One of the college’s most popular programs, kinesiology, and its exercise science concentration is a part of our science curriculum. We’ve recently restructured our science program, so that biology is our overarching program, then students can choose from pre professional, biology, statistics, environmental and life ecology concentrations.

Possible Career Paths:

We have students that will stack majors to create a path for themselves. We have had students take exercise science and a pedagogy minor in order to be a high school coach. One that’s been popular lately is exercise science and psychology to go into sports psychology which is a relatively new field. Regardless of how you put them together, careers in science and mathematics are plentiful!

A new biology concentration this year is biostatistics. This field is in big demand. These students not only get great jobs, but they are also making a difference in the world by

• Exercise Physiologist • Doctor • Software Engineer

• Financial Analysts • Statistical Analysts • Massage Therapist

analyzing the data that helps support decision making.

• Data Analyst • Fitness Trainer

• Physical Education Teacher • Athletic Coach/Director

“Many schools say they are students centered, but I have faculty members that literally spend hours in the evenings helping their students. You have to try to not be successful here. There are so many people trying to connect you to help and set you up to ensure you succeed. The support systems are extraordinary.”

Penny Quinn, Ph.D. Department Chair and Associate Professor


SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE The Woods’ social and behavioral degree offerings are designed so students can layer multiple majors. Combine criminology with psychology. Or psychology with leadership. Choose undergraduate curriculum (not just for internships). The faculty works as a cohesive group, ensuring the student that is career-oriented and the student that is graduate school-bound both receive the same level of rigor for success. your own adventure! Experiential activities are integrated into the

“I struggled with my mental health as a teen and my internal motivation was to help kids like me. Juveniles are so misunderstood and there is so much stigma. I want to be the person I needed.” — Kate Johnson ’23, Criminology and Psychology

Possible Career Paths: Our programs are interrelated and integrated, so combining multiple programs for greater benefit is easy. For no additional cost or time. This gives students a broader tool set and knowledge for what comes next, be that career or graduate studies.

“Beyond the classroom knowledge and the experiential learning, The Woods’ teachings carry through the threads of spirituality. And by spirituality, I mean the idea of being at peace with yourself. If you spend a lot of time with people with terrible problems and don’t have a strong sense of self, it will weigh you down.” — Louis Reeves, Assistant Professor

• Law Enforcement • Criminal Justice • Politics

• Recovery Coach • Behavioral Disorder Counselor • Alcohol and Drug Counselor • Social Agency Caseworker

• Research • Forensics

“Here, it’s not just about degrees with skills and experiential learning; it’s a complete package. Our criminology students will gather evidence at crime scenes to produce court-worthy documents. We bring a detective in to share different controlled substances to our addiction counseling students. If a student shows a research interest, they’ll conduct a full-scale research project from research design, the approval process, data collection, data analysis and public presentation of results. The Woods helps students flourish on their path of individual program development.”

Louis Reeves, MS Assistant Professor of Criminology



— not just buzz words

Learning Resource Center The LRC offers a range of support services to hone your study skills, writing, math, time management and more. Make your own definition of success – and your very best self – while at SMWC.

Writing Center You can visit the Writing Center for assistance with all aspects of writing from idea development to proper citation to research strategies. They will give substantive feedback without being an editing service.

Unlimited Tutoring Tutoring is offered to all students in a variety of subjects. This focused learning approach can assist students to achieve their best academically.

Chain Manager and explore various perspectives. There are some experiences you can only get through study abroad. SMWC students have studied in places like Belize, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Taiwan, Argentina and New Zealand. multiple Study Abroad Your college years give you a chance to experience different ways of life for what

Possible Career Paths:

Our programs are interrelated and integrated, so combining programs for greater benefit is easy. For no additional cost or time. This gives students a broader toolset and knowledge

comes next, be that career or graduate studies.

• • •

Forensic Accountant


Personal Financial Advisor

• Marketing Research • Logistics Manager • Procurement Manager • Entrepreneur

Advertising • Digital Marketing •

Healthcare Administrator Director of Human Resources

Internships An internship provides an incredible opportunity to apply academic training in a real- world setting, gain industry insight and lean into the transition from student to professional.

Career Center When it comes to landing a job in a student’s desired field, it is best to look at the process as a journey and not a destination. The Career Center helps students start the planning process early, ensuring they have the time necessary to research career options, network, make vital connections and gain the necessary experience.



The campus experience. Late night talks, silly games, stress eating, long walks and lifelong friendships. There is nothing like the on-campus college experience. Creating memories that will stand strong for a lifetime. Your residence hall room is home base. You’ll study, sleep, relax and snack within these walls. Almost like home, actually, in some ways, it’s better.

From the moment you walk in Le Fer Hall you know you’re someplace special. From marble staircases to inset bay windows – this place is like nowhere else on earth.

Want some pie? The Les Bois Hall courtyard is the place to meet for fun activities like watermelon eating contest to pop-up events held by student organizations.

The Lake House is neighbors with the Knoerle Sports & Recreation Center and the Rooney Center.

Each floor in Le Fer Hall has a common space for group projects, quiet studying, gaming or watching a movie.

BFFS @ The Woods

Want to room with your bestie? Just fill out a request form and we’ll do our best. But we recommend staying open to the possibilities. Erin and Elizabeth grew up a mile from one another but didn’t meet until they got to The Woods. Now they are new besties.

Ready to try out a new recipe or show off your cooking skills to a friend? Each room in Les Bois Hall has its own kitchenette.

Okay, okay, it’s not very exciting, but it is kind of cool. No juggling quarters or credits cards because laundry is free. And on each floor. No excuses for doing your laundry.

You’ll find plenty to do with others on campus — walking the trails by Le Fer Lake, roasting marshmallows, visiting the fitness center, hanging out in your room or watching movies in the lounge — just to name a few.







SO MANY OPTIONS... Le Fer boasts singles, doubles and triples. Les Bois has suite style rooms. The Lake House is more intimate. There is an option to fit your style. Check out your room options online. Be sure to get your residence hall deposit in as soon as possible for the best options.



“Do not give way to uneasiness about the future.”

“This is the path traced by Providence. And I follow it.” — Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

“In the evening we remained on deck to see and examine at leisure the ravishing spectacle before us. It would take an abler pen than mine to describe it properly, if, indeed, it can be described.”

June 1840, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin and five sisters of Providence set off from France

“The sea was no longer beneath our feet, we were on the soil of America! Impossible to describe what passed within our hearts at that moment.”

October 20, 1840, reached Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana


“The way is not yet clear.”

“It is astonishing that this remote solitude has been chosen for a novitiate and especially for an academy. All appearances are against it.”

“As to our garden and yard, we have all the woods. And the wilderness is our only cloister, for our house is like an oak tree planted therein.”

Academy at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College for girls, July 4, 1841

Canonized Saint Theodora October 15, 2006, by Pope Benedict XVI becoming Indiana’s first saint. Her remains lie in The Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

1973 - Introduced one of the first independent study programs in the nation, which would eventually become Woods Online

1846 - Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College granted first charter for higher education of women in the State of Indiana

“I sleep, but my heart watches over this house I have built.”

“Mon Dieu! How happy I should be if I could see you become someday what you ought to be!”


The following list assumes you found your program of study. Don’t worry about affordability yet – let’s get you admitted, then we can get the scholarship process rolling. (Read ahead for more tips on that.) START YOUR JOURNEY DISCLAIMER:

1 2 3



Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Free. So, let’s jump in!

Jump online and apply. It’s digital and it’s so easy to complete you could do it from your phone. Really. You’re welcome to add our name to your Common App application, too. But once you see how user-friendly our application is, you won’t want to put it off.



We are going to need your transcripts. Your guidance counselor at your high school can help you get those. But they are busy people, so don’t wait ‘til the last minute, okay? Okay. Send to TRANSCRIPTS:

Getting in to SMWC is a different thing than figuring out if it’s the best fit for you. It sounds a little crazy, but “fit” is a real thing. Some students find that here while others find it at other colleges. That’s okay. We know we aren’t for everyone.


If you’ve taken the SAT or ACT, go ahead and send those scores in. They aren’t required for admission or financial aid, but some outside scholarships may require them, and you want free money, right? So go ahead and send ‘em over. TEST SCORES (Optional):

Just the awesome people. Just kidding. Sort of.


But looking at a website can only do so much for you. Come to campus, take a tour, TALK to students. They are so open and transparent – you could ask them anything and they’ll be honest. We want everyone to feel comfortable from the beginning, but only you can figure out if you belong here.



As long as we have the two things we need, we can admit you in ONE DAY . Seriously. What are you waiting for? 2 steps. 1 day.



We know this seems like the cart before the horse, but the reality is, once we have your information we can match you up with scholarships. And free money is always best. So, get that application filled out. APPLY


We’ve got a few partnerships that make an SMWC education feasible. If you have an affiliation with one of these companies, we’ve got some good news to share. Go online for the separate application and details.


Even if you think you won’t qualify; we need the financial information to match you to OUR need-based criteria. You might be surprised at what you will qualify for, so use your debate skills to talk your parents into completing the application. It’s free and easy! FAFSA code: 001835 FAFSA Please check your student portal. You’ll get an offer from us through your student portal. As hard as we try to make it simple, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, so we’d love to meet up with you (virtual, phone or in person) to explain the package and your costs (if any!). PACKAGING As nice as it might be to wait until the last minute to make up your mind, we’ve ear-marked scholarships for you and others. If you’ve made up your mind about your new college home, please let us know so we can either lock in your scholarship or let it go to another deserving student. COMMITMENT



Pomeroy Scholars

This is our twist on the 21st Century Scholars program. We push hard to give you a DEBT-FREE education. In addition to this amazing Indiana scholarship opportunity, we also have special programming to ensure your college success. Private college, debt-free. Making miracles happen.


You know you’re great at something. (We’ve got a scholarship for that.)

We are proud of the fact that through our generous alumni and careful fiscal management of our assets we are able to provide nearly 98% of our students with some form of scholarship. Seriously. A private college education is in your reach .

$10,000,000 Over

in scholarships and some of that has your name on it . So, get that application in so we can start matchmaking.

Make a note of the following scholarships, they are worth a second – or third – look.

Pomeroy Scholars (21st Century Scholars) As an Indiana 21st Century Scholar, you already know you can get free tuition at any public institution. At The Woods we take it a step further and work to get you a debt-free education. Yeah, you saw that right. There are no guarantees, but our Financial Aid team loves a good challenge. Why not take our Pomeroy Pledge and get a private education.

Indiana Resident Scholarship Back home again in Indiana. Being a Hoosier feels good. Being a Hoosier with up to a 50% tuition scholarship feels even better . You must meet academic standards, so get online and see if you get to pat yourself on the back for being super smart and living in the best state in the nation.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Are you a difference maker? Our foundress made a difference in countless lives and this scholarship rewards fourteen students with that same grit. This competitive scholarship is for FOUR FULL TUITION scholarships and TEN scholarships of $22,000. This extraordinary reward requires extra effort to win, so check out the requirements online.

Catholic Faith

Honoring our Catholic heritage with up to a $20,000 annual scholarship. Being Catholic is not required to attend SMWC, but it is required for this scholarship, so if Mass is your jam, check out the details on this faith-based scholarship.

Visit to see a comprehensive list of scholarships . It’s a big list. You’ll find your fit somewhere in there. We know we’re biased, but our team is committed to getting as many students an affordable SMWC education as possible. You’ll feel the love.



The Woods Makes You Smarter and Happier It’s true. Research has shown that spending time outdoors is linked to cognitive benefits and improvements in mental health, emotional well-being and mood. Being connected to nature is easy when your college is on a 311-acre campus.

Health Services Clinic FREE walk-in clinic for all students. Health assessments, physical exams, immunizations and flu shots are just a few things you can expect. Run by Union Hospital and staffed with a Nurse Practitioner as well as a telehealth option.

Mental Health Our Counseling Center is free to all students. We are here to help you through challenging times. Our confidential services range from one-on-one counseling to group therapy sessions to telehealth counseling.

Physical Fitness Our fitness center, Club ’64, boasts all the latest fitness equipment. Intramural and club sports find a home at our new Knoerle Sports and Recreation Center. Let’s not forget the woods...hiking, trail running or leisurely strolls beckon.

Campus Security Public Safety is staffed 24-7-365. We take safety very seriously. Our residence halls are locked and accessible by prox card systems all day, every day. Want more? Read our annual safety report online.

Nutrition Healthy options abound in our

kitchens. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are prominently featured and portion sizes are just right. Our dining service accommodates special diets, allergens, sensitivities and intolerances as much as possible.



Your Apple iPad All incoming freshmen receive a 64 gig, WiFi only, Apple iPad and three years Apple care. It’s portable, it’s functional and it’s super cool.

Free Printing on Campus Printing on campus is FREE for all students. And they aren’t hidden! We’ve got printers in every building and on the technology bars on every floor of Le Fer Hall.


Not only is the WiFi free and available – it’s easy too. And recent upgrades to the latest technology will ensure your gaming is .

Software Get access to Microsoft Office 365 for free, including OneDrive file storage. If you need special software for your degree, we’ll be sure to help you get it.

Getting Help Sometimes, you’re just stuck.

Whether it’s the calming voices or the step-by-step instructions (without patronizing), the Service Desk can help you through your tech hassles. Open 8-to-5, year-round or you can submit a ticket online, too.




Women’s and Men’s Basketball

Women’s and Men’s Cross Country

Women’s and Men’s Equestrian

Men’s Sprint Football

Women’s and Men’s Golf

Women’s and Men’s Soccer

Women’s Softball

Women’s and Men’s Track and Field

Women’s and Men’s Volleyball

MEET ONYX Onyx is our beloved mascot. She is strong, graceful and oh, so smart. Just like our Pomeroy athletes. Her name comes from the Onyx stone that our historic alumni rings are made from.

We have fun with Onyx at games where she can be found horsing around in the fan section. 28


WHAT IS A POMEROY, ANYWAY? Our Pomeroys are named for Sister Mary Joseph Pomeroy, a Sister of Providence who advocated for athletics and physical fitness. She was a member of the basketball team that played the FIRST recorded women’s intercollegiate basketball game in Indiana history when the team defeated Indiana Normal College (Today’s Indiana State University) in 1920. Woods athletics, led by Sister Pomeroy, trailblazed a path for many basketball players to follow. To us, being a Pomeroy represents a spirit of excellence and sportsmanship.


BRING ON THE COMPETITION Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or NAIA. Made up of 250 small colleges and over 77,000 students, NAIA is the premier athletics association for high quality colleges and universities.

River States Conference Our conference is made up of fourteen colleges and universities from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The River State Conference is a 5-star Champions of Character Conference.

Ohio Christian University, Circleville University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande Shawnee State University, Portsmouth







Carlow University, Pittsburgh Point Park University, Pittsburgh








Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Indiana University East Indiana University Kokomo Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus Indiana University Southeast, New Albany Oakland City University, Oakland City




West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Beckley




Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes Asbury University, Wilmore Brescia University, Owensboro Midway University, Midway

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association SMWC is proud to be a part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). As a member of the IHSA, both of SMWC’s award-winning teams and many individual riders have competed and placed in regional, semi-final and national competitions.

Midwest Sprint Football League

Formed in 2021, the formation of the MSFL was the largest single year expansion of collegiate sports in nearly 100 years. SMWC added Sprint Football and won the 2022 MSFL Championship!



Champions of Character is a program for naia schools that focuses on developing the culture of athletics to focus on the values

that build a student athletes character. Student values developed through coaching and team dynamics play out both on and off the field. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

College student athletes will sign a contract agreeing to adhere to the standard upheld by the Champions of Character program.

Learn more at



What is Sprint Football? Sprint football has been around since 1934. Sprint football follows all the same rules as American collegiate football, the only difference is in the size of the player. With a weight max of 178 pounds sprint football attracts fast, agile and strong athletes. While traditional football tends to focus on body weight and strength, with our focus on more agile players, the game is


fast-paced and FUN to watch.





Without question, when you ask students that had a great freshman year what really made it extraordinary, they all say “I got involved right away.” Now is the time to push down insecurities and get out there. Whatever your talent, whatever your passion, one of these clubs or organizations will make it better. Don’t see what you love? Start it. Yeah, that’s how we roll at The Woods.

You want to make the world a better place – just start. You want to make your freshman year one to remember? Get involved!

• Aurora Literary Arts Magazine • Black Student Association • Chorale • Collegiate Horseman’s Association • Creative Crafts • Drama Club • Ensembles • Fellowship of Christian Athletes • Future Business Leaders of America • Gender/Sexuality Alliance • Indiana Student Education Association • Junior Class Officers

• Leadership Council • Madrigals • Music Therapy Student Association • Peace and Justice Committee • Psychology Club • Senior Class Officers • Service31 • Sophomore-Freshman Leadership Council

• Student Activities Committee • Student Nursing Association • Student Senate • Sustainability Club

If collegiate sports aren’t your thing, but you’d love to stay active we have several club sports that might interest you. Intramurals, such as bowling or laser tag, are also planned throughout the year. Keep your eye out for what’s happening on campus! • Competitive Cheer • Dance • eSports & Gaming (eSGO) • Powerlifting • Rowing • Tennis (Coming soon) CLUB SPORTS AND INTRAMURALS



In this intimate ceremony organized by seniors, you’ll receive an acorn that commemorates the beginning of your journey. Capping off your senior year, your rite of passage transforms the acorn into the oak leaf, representing a mighty oak and your growth at The Woods.

These are just a few of our favorites. Visit for more of

our traditions or to read the storied history of our Ring.

It’s distinctive. It’s black onyx. It’s 100 years old. Seems like a simple thing, but it will come to mean so much to you. Received in your junior year, the Ring will forever mark you as a Pomeroy. Speaking of forever, you might notice this Ring above is well-loved? That’s because our alums have a generous history of donating their rings to future students. This legacy program ensures that affordability need never be an issue.


“Terre Haute named Top 10 Best College Town” the College Gazette , January 2020

That’s right, Top 10 in the U.S.! Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Indiana State University and Ivy Tech Community College are all located in Terre Haute!

Credit: Terre Haute Convention & Visitors Bureau Credit: Terre Haute Children’s Museum ARTS Visit the fine art galleries in Terre Haute or tour the sculpture and design of public places. If you like museums, you can visit the nine museums in the area including the nationally recognized Sheldon Swope Art Museum, new Vigo County Historical Museum or the Terre Haute Children’s Museum (hey, science is for kids of ALL ages!). And don’t forget the comedians and live music at our local pubs and restaurants.

OUTDOORS The Terre Haute Parks Department has over 1,000 acres of dedicated land which include parks and golf courses. The Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area, just a few miles from SMWC campus, offers a seven-mile trail around a wetlands preserve. The Mill, and outdoor concert venue, is located on the east side of Terre Haute, just across the river and has many well-known performers throughout the year.

EVENTS Community events, many in downtown Terre Haute, draw thousands of fans. The Miracle on 7th Street Christmas event is highlighted by an SMWC sponsored Christmas parade that offers attendees the opportunity to experience the Christmas spirit with the lights of the night! From air shows to river front festivals, there are many more live events to explore.





Terre Haute/ SMWC

St. Louis

Credit: The Mill


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